Unlock the Power of Apple Search Ads for Your App

Are you considering using Apple Search Ads but unsure where to begin? This guide provides essential insights into Apple Search Ads' various placements and their benefits for maximizing your app's visibility and downloads.

Apple Search Ads Placements

Today Tab Ads:


  • Reach 500 million weekly App Store visitors.
  • Place ads in a prominent position to maximize app awareness.


Search Tab Ads:


  • Engage users before they start searching.
  • Display ads at the top of the recommended apps list.


Search Results Ads:


  • Capture around 65% of downloads occurring directly after searches.
  • Place ads at the top of relevant search results to reach users with high intent.


Product Page Ads:


  • Target users actively researching apps.
  • Display ads at the top of the "You Might Also Like" list on related product pages.



Why Apple Search Ads are Effective

Apple Search Ads allow you to promote your app to the right users at the right time within the App Store. Users who download apps through the App Store tend to have higher engagement and spending rates, making these ads highly effective. Running campaigns on Apple Search Ads ensures your investment is focused on users with high relevance and purchase intent, reducing wasted spend.


Automated ASA Management with Astra

Astra, our exclusive partnership with Redbox Mobile, automates Apple Search Ads management. It handles everything from keyword selection to budgeting and reporting using machine learning, saving time and resources while optimizing costs.

Key Benefits of Astra:


  • Automatically selects relevant keywords.
  • Manages bids and budgets.
  • Provides detailed reporting.
  • Reduces acquisition costs and internal resources.


Astra has been recognized as the "Most Effective User Acquisition Platform" in the 2023 Effective Mobile Marketing Awards.


Our ASO Success Stories

Our ASO support has helped many app vendors achieve significant results:


  • From unranked to top 2 in keyword search rankings within a year.
  • Reduced CPI by 50%.


We offer a complimentary ASO audit to evaluate your app's current performance and provide tailored recommendations. Contact us to learn more about optimizing your app marketing with ASO and ASA.


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