Leveraging In-App Events for ASO and ASA

In this post, we'll explore the App Store's in-app events feature for iOS apps. Utilizing in-app events can boost your app's visibility in the App Store without spending any money. Let's dive into how to make the most of this feature.

What are In-App Events?

In-app events are timely events within your app that can be highlighted with an "event card" displayed throughout the App Store. This feature helps attract new users, inform existing users, and re-engage dormant users.

Example: When a user taps on the event card, they can view the event details. Users can also set notifications to be reminded when the event starts.

Benefits of In-App Events



  • Increase Visibility: Event cards can appear on your product page, in search results, and in the "Today," "Games," and "Apps" tabs.
  • Engage Users: Users who tap "Open" after downloading from the event card are directed to the relevant event within the app.

Examples of In-App Events

Example 1: In-App Coupons



  • App: Pococha (Live Streaming App)
  • Event: Offering special coupons during live streams.

Example 2: In-Game Events and Reward Campaigns



  • App: Mushroom Legends (Game App)
  • Event: Special events and increased rewards during the campaign period.

Example 3: New Feature Releases





  • App: NauNau (Location Sharing App)
  • Event: Announcing new features or major updates.

Planning Your In-App Event

When planning an in-app event, consider the following steps:



  1. Identify the Event: Determine what event you want to highlight (e.g., new features, special promotions, or significant updates).
  2. Create Event Cards: Design eye-catching event cards that will appear in the App Store.
  3. Schedule Notifications: Enable notifications to remind users when the event starts.
  4. Prepare in Advance: Ensure your event cards are ready well before the event launch.


By leveraging in-app events, you can enhance your app's visibility and user engagement in the App Store. Plan and prepare your events in advance to maximize their impact.

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