Leveraging Custom Product Pages (CPP) for ASO and ASA

In this post, we'll delve into Custom Product Pages (CPP) and how to utilize them effectively. Our partner, Redbox, has demonstrated that using CPP can boost conversion rates by 30%. If you're aware of CPP but haven't utilized it, this guide is for you!

What are Custom Product Pages?

Custom Product Pages allow you to create multiple versions of your App Store product page, each highlighting different features or content. Each version can be shared via a unique URL and can also be created in Apple Search Ads.

Example: The "GO Taxi App" uses CPP to display different promotions based on user intent:



  • Competitor Keywords: Display a coupon offer.
  • Known Users: Highlight features across three slides.

Benefits of Using CPP in ASA

Using CPP in ASA allows you to personalize the product page based on search intent, enhancing the overall conversion rate and reducing CPI. This requires analyzing user attributes and behaviors.

Creating Effective CPP:


  1. Define target audience personas.
  2. Reflect these personas in your creatives using relevant images, colors, and language.
  3. Consider demographics such as gender, age, region, interests, and app usage purpose.


Example: The "Tapple" dating app created a CPP using competitor colors and promoting ease of use to attract users familiar with those apps.

Integrating CPP with Other Ad Platforms

Custom Product Pages can be integrated with other ad platforms like Google Ads, Meta Ads, and Yahoo! Ads. This consistency prevents user drop-off due to mismatched expectations between the ad and the product page.

Example: A rewards app maintains consistency between its ad and product page to retain user interest.

Automated ASA Management with Astra

Astra, our exclusive partnership with Redbox Mobile, automates Apple Search Ads management from keyword selection to budgeting and reporting, optimizing costs and resources. Astra has been recognized as the "Most Effective User Acquisition Platform" in the 2023 Effective Mobile Marketing Awards.

Our ASO Success Stories

Our ASO support has helped numerous app vendors achieve significant results:



  • Improved keyword rankings from unranked to top 2 in a year.
  • Reduced CPI by 50%

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