5 Common ASO Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Are you currently optimizing your app store listing? Here are five common ASO (App Store Optimization) mistakes and how to avoid them to enhance your app's organic performance.

1. Avoid Keyword Duplication in iOS

Using the same keyword across different assets on your product page doesn’t help in ranking improvement or user motivation. Unlike Android ASO, where keyword density matters, iOS should avoid unnecessary repetition.

2. Exclude Low-Performance Keywords

Regularly check keyword popularity, measured by search volume. Perform market research and competitor analysis to identify high-ranking keywords.

3. Avoid Irrelevant Keywords

Incorporate only relevant keywords. The app store algorithm penalizes for irrelevant keywords, which can lower your organic ranking.

4. Don’t Neglect Localization

If your app is available globally, research keywords in other languages. Localization helps optimize your app across different regions and languages.

5. Utilize Screenshots Effectively

Screenshots convey your app’s features and benefits instantly. Make sure they highlight key functions and ease of use to improve conversion rates.

Continuous Improvement

ASO isn’t a one-time task. Regularly update keywords, monitor trends, and analyze competitors to keep your app optimized. Consistent PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycles are crucial.

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Our ASO Success Stories

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  • Reduced CPI by 50%.

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